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  2. Quotes about Strategy and Operations

    1. Steve's extensive background in commercial strategy and operations complements the skillset of our existing Board of Directors very nicely, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Ignyta's Board.
      In Ignyta (RXDX) Appoints Steven Hoerter to Board of Directors
    2. Chuck brings a wealth of experience in global commercial strategy and operations.  He will provide valuable insight as we begin to consider commercial opportunities and market development for each of our multiple, diverse clinical stage programs.
      In Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Strengthens Board of Directors with Addition of Industry Veteran Charles J. "Chuck" Bramlage
    3. Geoff brings a deep understanding of the regenerative medicine and wound healing industries, a background in strategy and operations, and a demonstrated record of accomplishment in bringing innovative technologies to market. His background and knowledge will be very beneficial as we take Gemstone Bio to the next level.
      In Gemstone Biotherapeutics Adds New Board Member