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    2. Creating a Board of Directors: Key Considerations for Startup Companies

      Creating a Board of Directors: Key Considerations for Startup Companies
      One of the most important decisions that a startup entrepreneur can make is creating a board of directors that will assist the entrepreneur in growing and governing the business. A companys board of directors is tasked with overseeing and advising management, making key decisions about the companys business strategies, and representing the interests of the company and its stockholders...
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    1. I am a huge fan of decentralized, bottom up, start-up innovation. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with companies that fundamentally transformed markets. I think Tucows has an exceptional opportunity to change the way we think about access to the Internet.
      In Tucows (TCX) Names Co-Founder Brad Burnham to Board of Directors
    2. Tim brings extensive executive experience in the HR technology and HR services industries, as well as significant executive and entrepreneurial experience with start-up and growth companies.
      In Insperity Appoints New Independent Director to Board
    3. As we welcome Jeff to the board, we are also tremendously grateful to Neeraj for his guidance and support over the past several years as we scaled from a high-growth start-up to a $4.3 billion public company.
      In Wayfair Appoints Jeffrey Naylor to Board of Directors