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    2. Credit Suisse Shareholder Support on Compensation Improves

      Credit Suisse Shareholder Support on Compensation Improves
      (Reuters) - Shareholders showed increased approval for Credit Suisses management pay on Friday while backing all compensation-related items at the banking groups annual meeting. A year after shareholders railed against high executive pay, investors have been soothed by a change to its compensation scheme and a pickup in its turnaround. Shareholders voted in favour of the banks 2017 compensation report with 80.8 percent support, up from 57.98 percent the ...
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    1. While our board has determined not to make a recommendation either in favour of or opposed to the shareholder proposal, we believe that our current practices and recent enhancements to our new director candidate selection process support board diversity.
      In With No Women on its Board, Shareholder Calls for Diversity Policy at Tim Hortons owner RBI
    2. While the board and management oppose this shareholder proposal, they are fully committed to returning cash to shareholders.
      In Apple’s CEO bags $4.25M for 2013 pay
    3. A vote for this shareholder proposal is warranted given that the company's short- and long-term underperformance and questions about the viability of its business model and corporate culture suggest that shareholders would benefit from the most robust form of independent boardroom oversight, provided by an independent board chair.
      In GE Shareholders Urged to Kick KPMG to the Curb by ISS, Glass Lewis