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    1. We believe our proposal will provide substantially more value to stakeholders than any other option, in particular a liquidation, and is the best path forward for Sears, its associates and the many communities across the United States touched by Sears and Kmart stores.
      In Eddie Lampert Sweetens Sears Bid by $600 Million Ahead of an Auction That Will Decide the Company's Fate
    2. No one should be shocked that he is profiting off transactions to lend Sears money —the issue is, were those deals done at arm's length and at commercially reasonable terms?
      In Sears Boss Eddie Lampert Accused of Possibly Profiting From Retailer's Decline
    3. While there is no doubt that a shrunken Sears will be more viable than the larger entity which struggled to turn a profit, we remain extremely pessimistic about the chain's future.
      In Sears Avoids Liquidation as Eddie Lampert Wins Bankruptcy Auction