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    2. Vivendi Representatives Resign from Telecom Italia's (TI) Board of Directors

      Vivendi Representatives Resign from Telecom Italia's (TI) Board of Directors
      In light of the attempt led by hedge-fund activist Elliott Management, well-known for its track record of short-termist initiatives, to dismantle Telecom Italia (NYSE: TI), the three members of the TIM Board of Directors representing Vivendi (Paris: VIV), which supports the unanimously approved industrial plan...
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    1. I had little option [but to resign] following the board's decision to delete several paragraphs from my chairman's statement and to substitute their own.
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    2. I think the reasons why Bill was asked to resign were unique to his leadership style.
      In Duke director grew wary of "controlling" ex-Progress CEO
    3. Should General Mattis be confirmed he will resign his positions with all outside entities, as is standard practice.
      In Trump's Pick for Defense Secretary Has Resigned from Theranos's Board