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    1. On behalf of Qumu's leadership team and board, I would like to welcome Mary and Ed to the team.
      In Qumu Appoints Technology Veteran Edward Horowitz and Financial Executive Mary E. Chowning to Board of Directors
    2. As the largest Qumu shareholder, we believe the market is significantly undervaluing the Company's best-in-class video management software platform. We are excited to join the Board, and look forward to helping Qumu reach its fullest potential through a close focus on operational excellence and strategic direction.
      In Qumu Elects Two Board Members
    3. Having initially been attracted to Qumu based on its technology and competitive position in the rapidly growing video management industry, I am excited to have the opportunity to leverage my decades of operational experience in the technology sector in order to accelerate Qumu's growth trajectory.
      In Qumu Elects Two Board Members