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    2. Time To Pay Up

      Time To Pay Up
      2020 will go down in the corporate annals as the year of the CFO. Thats a bold pronouncement, but at a time of extraordinary economic uncertainty during a literal existential crisis, CEOs of private companies (and publicly traded ones, too) turned to the professional knowledge and judgment of their CFOs to plan, manage and direct the corporate ship through the maelstrom...
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    3. Should Highly Regulated Public Companies Have Board-Level Compliance Committees?

      Should Highly Regulated Public Companies Have Board-Level Compliance Committees?
      Directors are responsible for oversight of corporate compliance with legal and regulatory rules. In a series of recent cases, Delaware courts have clarified the circumstances in which directors may face personal liability ifthey fail properly either to implement or monitor their companys compliance...
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    1. According to the voluntary guidelines issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the maximum number of public companies in which an individual may serve as an independent director should be restricted to seven. It needs to be examined whether to restrict the number of independent directorships.
      In Sebi may make independent director post unattractive
    2. It's a new factor on the playing board for public companies.
      In CEOs are Opening Their Boardrooms to Hedge Fund 'White Squires' to Keep Other Activists Out
    3. That such an elite group has backed a broad governance framework makes clear that corporate governance has entered the mainstream and should be a focus for all public companies.
      In Some of Largest Names in Finance Sign on to New Principles for Corporate Governance