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    2. Procter & Gamble's "Rumble" Could Be A Harbinger of Your Board's Proxy Fight

      Procter & Gamble's "Rumble" Could Be A Harbinger of Your Board's Proxy Fight
      Perhaps its not surprising in our contentious age that corporate board elections have become so combative that they mirror in size and spending statewide political campaigns. In a climate increasingly dominated by activist investors some of whom used to be known as corporate raiders before a smart re-brand bare-knuckled proxy fights are becoming commonplace...
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    1. Lizanne has the strong governance background we were seeking, with over 30 years of experience providing her expertise to top tier companies like Procter & Gamble and Starwood Hotels and Resorts, We welcome her to the PLKI board and look forward to her contributions.
      In Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. Appoints Lizanne Thomas to Board of Directors
    2. From the outside, Procter & Gamble is an all-star board but it's hard to know what the dynamics will be in a crisis situation, Corporate Governance Matters.
      In Procter & Gamble directors face own challenges
    3. Everyone should be interested in having women on boards because boards are making decisions about us. Whether it's a bank thinking about life insurance or Procter & Gamble making decisions about tampons, I want someone who has thought about my needs.
      In Hong Kong Companies Slow To Add Women Directors To Their Boards – Why It Makes Good Business Sense To Do So