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    2. NYC Comptroller’s Boardroom Accountability 3.0 Results

      NYC Comptroller’s Boardroom Accountability 3.0 Results
      This spring, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and the New York City Retirement Systems (NYCRS) announced the successful initial results of Boardroom Accountability Project 3.0. Building on the Rooney Rule pioneered by the National Football League (NFL), Boardroom 3.0 calls on major companies to adopt search policies requiring the consideration of womenandracially/ethnically diverse candidates for board directorsandchief executive officers (CEOs)...
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    1. I believe one's gender should not decide the position but competence should. Boardrooms should be gender neutral. Biases exist both in the boardrooms and politics. Women should be judged in terms of their intellect and strategy building skills.
      In ICSI Training Women Members to Take Up Board Roles
    2. This is fundamentally not the role of a public company and it&aposs unfair to investors who may not agree with his politics.
      In BlackRock's Larry Fink Rattles Employees Amid Political Posturing
    3. Our constituents are concerned about dark money flowing into politics.
      In Comcast's 2nd Virtual Shareholder Meeting Gets Poor Reviews From Activists