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    1. As Vyome scales up multiple drug development programs, enters clinical trials and accelerates the commercialization phase, Dr. Chaudhuri will add tremendous strategic experience to the Board. His vast experience in commercializing novel dermatology drugs, and leadership with top-tier pharmaceutical companies will brings significant value to Vyome
      In Vyome Biosciences Adds to Board of Directors
    2. I am honoured to be joining the Board and looking forward to contributing to Nordic Nanovector's future prospects. My experience in product development and commercialization at a number of pharmaceutical companies will bring valuable perspectives to the planned regulatory pathway and commercialization of Betalutin® and the company's broader portfolio.
      In Nordic Nanovector Brings on New Board Member
    3. David is a tremendous and very timely addition to our Board of Directors, bringing over 25 years of drug development and commercialization experience from one of the world's most successful pharmaceutical companies.
      In Axcella Announces Appointment of David Epstein, Former CEO of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, as Chairman