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    2. Nikola: Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal

      Nikola: Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal
      BERKELEY, California (Reuters) - Shareholders of Nikola Corp have voted against a proposal to approve compensation paid to its "named executive officers," including $159.2 million to founder and former executive chairman Trevor R. Milton, the electric truck maker said on Tuesday. The decision, although non-binding, illustrates shareholders' discontent about Nikola, once a high-flying company whose shares tanked over 80% from its peak partly due to ongoing probes by regulators and ...
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    3. Starbucks Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal

      Starbucks Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal
      Starbucks Corp. shareholders rejected the coffee companys executive compensation proposal, a rare rebuke to a major U.S. company. The plan voted down by Starbucks shareholders Wednesday includes millions of dollars in bonus and retention pay for Starbucks chief executive, though the resolution was nonbinding and may not affect executives compensation...
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    1. Cautionary support for the say-on-pay proposal is warranted.
      In AIG Approaches Shareholder Pay Vote With Cautious Approval From Proxy Firms