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    2. Is Oil Giant BP Finally Ready to ‘Think Outside the Barrel’?

      Is Oil Giant BP Finally Ready to ‘Think Outside the Barrel’?
      For months,BPhad planned this years annual general meeting as a sleek presentation. The companys brand-new CEO would be onstage at Londons ExCeL convention center, trumpeting his green revolution to hundreds of shareholders. But this being 2020, nothing went as planned. When the day of the meeting finally arrived in late May, there was no audience, and no applause...
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    1. Over the past decade, Ira has developed significant experience representing creditors, debtors, mineral rights owners, upstream and midstream companies, and other industry participants in oil and gas bankruptcies and out-of-court restructurings in New York, Texas, and Delaware.
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    2. My view is the board needs more technical oil and gas experience.
      In Gloves come off in Gulf Keystone and M&G row
    3. We believe Helge Lund is the right person to lead BG Group. His proposed remuneration is competitive in the international oil and gas industry. The shareholder vote on Helge Lund's pay is in line with the letter and spirit of corporate governance legislation.
      In BG Group's Executive Pay Plan Draws More Criticism From Investors