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    1. While we think America's corporations benefit from boards that avoid groupthink and offer a diversity of perspectives and commend firms that look to increase diversity among their boards, we do not think NASDAQ should be using its quasi-regulatory authority to impose social policies.
      In U.S. Senate Republicans Ask SEC to Reject Nasdaq Diversity Rules
    2. The recent news on Nasdaq's new proposal for board requirements is a tangible sign of the increased conversation.
      In Egon Zehnder Global Board Diversity Tracker Shows Slow and Insufficient Progress — Urging Measurable Action
    3. If the Company is unable to maintain its Nasdaq listing, its access to capital will become further limited and it may not have sufficient capital to enable MoviePass to continue its operations or become cash flow positive or profitable.
      In MoviePass' Parent Company Wants Approval for a Dramatic Reverse Stock Split of up to 1-for-500, just Months after its 1-for-250 one Failed to Stabilize the Stock