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    2. Question of The Week -- October 29, 2020

      Question of The Week -- October 29, 2020
      As outlined this past week by The Boston Globe, executives and board members at pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of Covid-19 vaccines have been amassing small fortunes during the past few months through the sale of stock they own in those companies -- benefiting from public speculation on the efficacy of such vaccines. Although legally, on its face, there is nothing wrong with such sales, is it time for the ...
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    1. Upon meeting, the Board made the determination that it was appropriate to separate Mr Gomez from Moderna. Mr Gomez was immediately informed of that decision.
      In Moderna CFO’s Departure Reignites Debate Over Company’s Culture
    2. As Moderna approaches advanced stages of clinical development across our programs, we are focused on strengthening our board with industry leaders who understand the complexity of building companies to make a positive impact on patients.
      In Elizabeth Tallett Joins Moderna’s Board of Directors
    3. I am delighted to be joining Moderna's board at such a unique point in its history, as it rapidly moves towards commercialization of its first products and starts to fulfill its mission of creating a new class of life-saving mRNA medicines and vaccines.
      In Elizabeth Tallett Joins Moderna’s Board of Directors