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    2. Mack-Cali Board Minority Accuses Colleagues of Ignoring Concerns

      Mack-Cali Board Minority Accuses Colleagues of Ignoring Concerns
      (Bloomberg) -- Four Mack-Cali Realty Corp. directors elected last year after a proxy fight with one of the companys largest investors are going public with claims their views are being ignored as another boardroom battle comes to a head. The foursome is taking the unusual step of issuing a rebuke of the boards old-guard majority, arguing they are disregarding concerns about the strategic direction of the real estate investment trust...
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    1. Although shareholders are seemingly free to decide whether to tender their shares, shareholders may be forced into tendering by the fear of remaining with low-value minority shares with little say in the event they do not accept the offer.
      In How Wall Street Enabled A Controversial Power Grab At A Wannabe Berkshire Hathaway
    2. Minority and institutional investors should vote against any move by primary to remove independent directors.
      In Living with the Frenemy
    3. Glass Lewis finds validity in (Bill Ackman's firm) Pershing Square's overall thesis and we have determined that a sufficient basis exists to support the Dissident's solicitation for minority representation on the ADP board.
      In Glass Lewis Recommends ADP Investors Vote for Ackman's Slate