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    2. MGM Resorts CEO: What Happens in Vegas No Longer Stays in Vegas

      MGM Resorts CEO: What Happens in Vegas No Longer Stays in Vegas
      Las Vegas has a reputation for excess and non-stop entertainment, but Las Vegas Strip-based companies are increasingly stepping up as responsible global citizens. This may be surprising to those who think of Las Vegas as Sin City, but we are pioneering corporate cultures that embrace a commitment to society that extends beyond simply serving customers and growing bottom lines...
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    1. It is clear to me that MGM is focused on driving profitable growth.
      In MGM Hands Board Seat to Activist Hedge Fund Corvex's Meister
    2. MGM didn't directly address the exit package but said at the time that the board sped up the transition, announced the prior month, because it
      In CEOs are Cutting Millions of Jobs Yet Keep Their Lofty Bonuses
    3. I am incredibly honored to be taking on this role at MGM and greatly look forward to working with Kevin Ulrich, the entire Board of Directors at MGM and United Artists Releasing, and everyone at the company.
      In Michael De Luca Named Chairman of MGM Motion Picture Group