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    2. MetLife Suit Raises Questions of Extent of Corporate Liability

      MetLife Suit Raises Questions of Extent of Corporate Liability
      When Christine Ramirez signed over that first check in April 2008, she had no idea that the decision would eventually upend her life. A broker offered a tempting deal. If she invested in a real estate fund called the Diversified Lending Group, which was managed by someone named Bruce Friedman, she would be eligible for a guaranteed return of 12 percent. She could use the proceeds to pay the premium ...
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    1. As a company with businesses around the world, MetLife operates in multiple and often complex legal and regulatory environments.
      In Ricardo Anzaldua to Join MetLife as General Counsel
    2. I am pleased to welcome David to MetLife's board of directors.
      In David L. Herzog Named to MetLife's Board of Directors
    3. I also want to extend my thanks to Cheryl for her service as MetLife's independent lead director.
      In MetLife Board of Directors Elects Dr. R. Glenn Hubbard Independent Lead Director