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    1. We are extremely pleased to welcome Trudy and Tim to the Board. Trudy's experience in mergers and acquisitions along with corporate governance and Tim's experience across the whole of the diamond industry value chain will be strong additions to what is already a diverse skill set of the Board.
      Board of directors in Dominion Diamond Corporation Announces Appointment of Two New Directors
    2. Stephen brings 25 years of diversified global business experience to the ICS role, including P&L responsibility for engineered solutions and capital equipment companies, strategy development and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, and process improvement.
      In Nordson Corporation Board of Directors Elects Stephen P. Lovass as Corporate Vice President for ...
    3. I am delighted to announce the addition of this esteemed individual to our Board.  Mr. Watkins brings years of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and joint venture transactions across a broad range of industries from biotechnology to manufacturing and banking, among others.
      In Scientific Industries Announces A New Board Member