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    2. Third Point Has Big Shell Stake, Urges Energy Giant to Break Up

      Third Point Has Big Shell Stake, Urges Energy Giant to Break Up
      Daniel Loebs Third Point LLC has taken a large stake in Royal Dutch Shell RDS.A +2.79% PLC and is urging the oil giant to separate into two companies to retain and attract investors as many flee stocks seen as environmentally unfriendly. The activists stake is worth well over $500 million, making it one of the Anglo-Dutch companys largest investors, people familiar with the matter said...
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    1. Mr. Loeb has made no case that change is warranted at Sotheby's.
      In ISS recommends votes for two Loeb nominees to Sotheby's board
    2. Dan Loeb got away with it because he's a foreigner.
      In A Wave of Activist Hedge Funds are Shaking Up Japan
    3. It's plausible that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy where Loeb makes some noise and the stock goes up.
      In Dan Loeb's Plot to Pry Open Japan's Secretive Robot Maker