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    1. I'm excited to join 8K Miles' Board at the crucial time of the company's growth. I look forward to contributing to the enterprise growth strategy and making an impact on the success of the company's next phase.
      In 8K Miles appoints Sujatha Chandrasekaran to its board of Directors
    2. We are extremely pleased to welcome Trudy and Tim to the Board. Trudy's experience in mergers and acquisitions along with corporate governance and Tim's experience across the whole of the diamond industry value chain will be strong additions to what is already a diverse skill set of the Board.
      In Dominion Diamond Corporation Announces Appointment of Two New Directors
    3. We are pleased to have Duncan Hennes join Citi's Board of Directors.
      In Citi Board Elects Duncan P. Hennes to Board of Directors
    4. We are pleased to welcome to the Endo Board. Given the depth and breadth of his healthcare and pharmaceutical industry experience, we are confident that his unique insight and international perspective will be valuable resources as Endo continues its transformation into a more focused global specialty healthcare company.
      In Arthur J. Higgins Joins Endo Board of Directors
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    1. It makes sense that we add someone with human resources expertise like Carmel to our board of directors.
      In KAR Global Adds Former Glassdoor HR Exec to its Board
    2. At KAR Global, our employees and our board of directors are laser-focused on becoming the leading end-to-end global remarketing solution for our customers.
      In KAR Global Adds Former Glassdoor HR Exec to its Board
    3. The Chairman and the Board of Directors have regular and open conversations with the CEO on his activities and the operations of the bank.
      In Regulator Probes Board Role in Credit Suisse Spying Scandal