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    1. "Carl brings a wealth of experience that is directly relevant to our objective of delivering technology-driven, value-added solutions for our customers. OM Group will benefit from Carl's leadership and valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy of organic growth and synergistic acquisitions."
      In OM Group Announces Appointment Of Carl Christenson To Board Of Directors
    2. “From a community perspective, we’re trying to create a destination for prospective board members and corporations where they can go in on a daily basis and read boardroom news, discuss best practices and [work on] recruitment”
      In Can ‘LinkedIn for Boards’ Aid Recruitment?
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    1. Companies with female CEOs or chairs tend to have greater gender diversity on their boards and leadership teams than those with male CEOs or chairs.
      In Women Still Lag on Boards and in the Executive Suite
    2. Karen and Jerry are valuable additions to the Quanergy leadership team, Their extensive corporate governance experience and domain knowledge will be key to help guide Quanergy to its next chapter as a public company.
      In Quanergy Appoints Experienced Executive, Karen Francis DeGolia, to its Board of Directors
    3. Katherine and Badar's leadership, management and industry experience will be immensely valuable in guiding EVgo's continuing growth.
      In EVgo Announces Addition of Two New Board Members, Katherine Motlagh and Badar Khan