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    2. CNBC: Activist Investor Pressure Encouraged Kohl’s CEO to Take Levi’s Leadership Role

      CNBC: Activist Investor Pressure Encouraged Kohl’s CEO to Take Levi’s Leadership Role
      Levi Strauss Co.(LSCo.) CEO Chip Bergh said that pressure from activist investors encouragedKohlsCEO Michelle Gass to take on her upcoming role asPresident and eventual CEO of LSCo., according toCNBC. Firms have been pressuring Kohls to take measures that includespinning off its ecommerce businessorselling itself, and while the executive team has focused onstaying the course, the calls for more drastic action have not ceased...
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    1. "Carl brings a wealth of experience that is directly relevant to our objective of delivering technology-driven, value-added solutions for our customers. OM Group will benefit from Carl's leadership and valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy of organic growth and synergistic acquisitions."
      In OM Group Announces Appointment Of Carl Christenson To Board Of Directors
    2. “From a community perspective, we’re trying to create a destination for prospective board members and corporations where they can go in on a daily basis and read boardroom news, discuss best practices and [work on] recruitment”
      In Can ‘LinkedIn for Boards’ Aid Recruitment?
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    1. We are known for innovation – the previous leadership even built an innovation center. We are a leader in the industry. We have a license to innovate. But we've allowed this department and the marketing department to be depleted. We haven't had a CMO who knows the business in years.
      In Here Is Why Jack in the Box Franchisees Are Demanding a Leadership Change
    2. I'm proud to have built a consumer-centric brand with a leadership team driven by diversity in thought.
      In Honest Company Diversifies Its Leadership With A Second Female Board Member
    3. Having women in leadership roles at every level of our company, isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.
      In Women Are Transforming The Ski Industry On The Slopes And In The Boardroom