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    1. The partnership with KPMG underscores our efforts to provide comprehensive research and analysis on the changing boardroom landscape, particularly with respect to composition and diversity.
      In KPMG and Equilar Partnership Brings Awareness to Boardroom Diversity
    2. Debbie is a seasoned executive with deep financial and audit experience. She also served as the senior account executive for some of KPMG's largest and most prominent clients.
      In Allogene Therapeutics Appoints Deborah M. Messemer, Former KPMG Managing Partner, to Its Board
    3. At KPMG I had the opportunity to work closely with Workday and have admired the company's commitment to helping customers transform their finance and HR efforts to keep pace with today's changing world.
      In Workday Elects Lynne Doughtie to Board of Directors