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    2. Stakeholderism Silo Busting

      Stakeholderism Silo Busting
      Separate fields of business law are undergoing tumultuous debates. The orthodox view that antitrust law should focus exclusively on consumer welfare is threatened by increasingly influential figures like Lina Khan and Tim Wu, who urge a focus on preserving smaller companies and the threat of political domination by large firms. The orthodox view that bankruptcy law should focus on creditor interests has drawn public outrage as parties and judges pursue ...
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    1. Rob's experience and record of success at Epizyme, Synageva, Johnson & Johnson and Merck position him as an invaluable addition for Ardelyx, and we are excited that he will be joining our Board.
      In Ardelyx Appoints Robert Bazemore to Its Board of Directors
    2. In a statement Thursday, Johnson & Johnson said it .
      In J&J, shareholders reach tentative deal in lawsuit
    3. This vote demonstrates the significant disapproval among Johnson & Johnson shareholders.
      In J&J Execs Get Pay Raises, But Only After Bruising Shareholder 'Vote No' Campaign