1. Jeff Bezos

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    2. What if the U.S. Had a National Maximum Wage?

      What if the U.S. Had a National Maximum Wage?
      What would be the effects of a national maximum wage? For instance, if the top-paid person at a company could not make more than 5 times the lowest paid person. As employee pay remains stagnant in the U.S. and inequality worsens, lawmakers, activists and workers have been advocating for a higher minimum wage. The push gained momentum in recent years through movements like the Fight for $15, which backed ...
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    1. With someone who is as closely associated to his brand as Jeff Bezos, it may be that he will refuse a settlement that gives his ex-wife that much Amazon corporate power.
      In Jeff Bezos' Divorce Could Soon Make MacKenzie Bezos one of Amazon's Biggest Shareholders
    2. The truth is that I've watched Amazon from the start and I think what Jeff Bezos has done is something close to a miracle.
      In Warren Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway is Buying up Shares of Amazon, Hours Before its Big Annual Shareholders' Meeting