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    2. A Lesson for Boardroom Battles

      A Lesson for Boardroom Battles
      Proxy access may be dead in the United States, but it lives in Israel, to the great regret ofTaro PharmaceuticalIndustries. Taro is facing a proxy battle involving two external directors nominated by the asset management firm BlueMountain Capital Management. While unfortunate for Taro, it all shows an alternative universe of what, for better or worse, could have happened had proxy access been in place in the United States...
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    1. Investors, meanwhile, need to aspire to the same level of transparency as they themselves expect of the companies in which they invest.
      In Codes Of Conduct Gain Traction As 'Comply Or Explain' Embraced By Japan Investors
    2. Management accounting is a critical aspect of the finance function because it informs the board, investors and management why the numbers are what they are, not just what the numbers are
      In Critical: 'Not Just What The Numbers Are: But Why They Are What They Are'
    3. We endorse the principle that direct engagement involving directors should not be a routine method of engagement for most US companies and for most investors.
      In Connecting Shareholders And Boards In The 21st Century