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    2. Investors are Poised to Pay $6 Billion for Neiman

      Investors are Poised to Pay $6 Billion for Neiman
      After several months sitting in the display case, Neiman Marcus Inc. appears close to having a buyer. A team of Ares Management LLC and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board are in the final stages of negotiations to buy Neiman Marcus for around $6 billion, said people familiar with the matter, in a move that would shift the luxury retailer from one set of private-equity ownership to another...
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    1. Investors, meanwhile, need to aspire to the same level of transparency as they themselves expect of the companies in which they invest.
      In Codes Of Conduct Gain Traction As 'Comply Or Explain' Embraced By Japan Investors
    2. Management accounting is a critical aspect of the finance function because it informs the board, investors and management why the numbers are what they are, not just what the numbers are
      In Critical: 'Not Just What The Numbers Are: But Why They Are What They Are'
    3. We endorse the principle that direct engagement involving directors should not be a routine method of engagement for most US companies and for most investors.
      In Connecting Shareholders And Boards In The 21st Century