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    1. We are very pleased to welcome Andy to our Board. His significant financial expertise and skills in strategic planning, investor relations and business development within international public companies will further enhance the Board's depth and capabilities that are necessary to oversee the Company's
      In Cabot Corporation Announces Election of Frank “Andy” Wilson to Board of Directors
    2. Jerry has demonstrated strong financial expertise, leading complex finance organizations on a global basis, as well as heading investor relations and strategic planning for Cooper. We appreciate his contributions and look forward to his continued service to the company as Treasurer.
      In Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Board of Directors Elects Jerry Bialek Treasurer
    3. We are pleased to strengthen our Board of Directors with the addition of a highly qualified financial executive with extensive experience in corporate finance, SEC reporting, SOX, budgeting, treasury and investor relations.
      In Conatus Pharmaceuticals Appoints William R. LaRue as Independent Board Member