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    2. Dialogue with institutional investors about audit policy

      Dialogue with institutional investors about audit policy
      After three successful editions, The Decision Institute andIntrabond Capitalwill organize the 4th yearly executive seminar Maximize Your Boards Potential at the Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA from October 6-9, 2014. Discover how toprovide governance support for effective boards and how to challenge the diffusion of power, governance and company performance. Please see ourbrochureandapply. Maximize Your Boards Potential is like playing the Champions League in the field of corporate governance. This ...
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    1. It's fascinating how much change you can effectuate if you treat a board like a private equity investment rather than a once in quarter meeting.
      In The Hedge Fund Agent In The Boardroom
    2. DuPont's current Board and management team have a well-documented record of taking decisive action since 2009 and continue to execute on a transformative strategy that has delivered clear results, many of which were initiated or executed long before Trian's investment.  This strategy has delivered results.
      In DuPont Spinoff Fans Flames In Trian Management's Scorched Earth Fight
    3. A whole generation of financial advisors use ETFs as primary investment vehicles. They are not going to go away.
      In Active Funds Vital For Passive Funds' Success, SEC Told