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    1. Cathy and Wes have served FirstEnergy for 14 and 11 years, respectively.
      In Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton Elected to FirstEnergy Board of Directors
    2. We are delighted to welcome Mr. Liu to join the Board.  He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, which we trust will be invaluable to the Company's operations. We look forward to working with him going forward.
      In Autohome Inc. Announces Board Change
    3. Our shareholders and our customers are best served by keeping PayPal and eBay together.
      In eBay Inc. Issues Letter to Shareholders
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    1. We are pleased to welcome Stephen Stenbeck as a new independent director to the CSI board.
      In Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. Announces Stephen Stenbeck Joins Board of Directors
    2. Ms. Clyburn has more than two decades of experience operating highly efficient federal and state government agencies, including, while at the FCC, a track record of driving solutions to important industry-wide issues, and we are pleased to welcome her to the Board as a new independent director.
      In Charah Solutions, Inc. Appoints Former FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn to Board of Directors
    3. We are pleased to welcome Greg to the Kraig Lab's board in the role of an independent director.
      In Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Completes Selection of Independent Directors for its Board of Directors