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    2. Japan's Toshiba Receives Eight Proposals to go Private

      Japan's Toshiba Receives Eight Proposals to go Private
      (Reuters) - Toshiba Corp, the troubled Japanese conglomerate exploring strategic options, said it has received eight initial proposals to take it private as well as two proposals for capital alliances that would see it remain listed. The news comes amid recent signs that Toshiba, which has long been at loggerheads with its large activist shareholder base, is growing more receptive to calls from foreign hedge fund investors to consider going private...
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    1. There was a belief that the entire company would be sold or the company would go private.
      In Howard Hughes Announces Management Reshuffle, to Sell Assets Worth $2 Billion
    2. It's been a year since we completed our privatisation – actually the largest company ever to go private. We couldn't be more pleased with the positioning, the progress and the performance of our business.
      In Michael Dell Boasts of “Strong Growth” Since Going Private