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    1. Amy is a recognized leader in the development and growth of global pharmaceutical businesses, and she will bring this expertise to our Board as we continue to build Alnylam as a leading biotechnology company. As the former General Counsel at Pfizer, Amy also brings deep legal expertise to our Board.
      John Maraganore in Alnylam Elects Amy Schulman to its Board of Directors
    2. Brett has taken on increasing responsibility beyond general counsel over the last few years in the operations and customer facing areas of the company.
      In United Names Interim CEO as Munoz Takes Medical Leave
    3. CEO Garg and General Counsel Calamari's scheme to put Pierce on a leave of absence, with no communication plan to her 8,500 employees, was an attempt to intimidate, silence, and discredit her.
      In Better's Ex-COO Says She Was Pushed Out for Complaining About CEO Garg