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    2. GE’s Immelt-Down: Harsh Light on in-the-Dark CEO’s Failure

      GE’s Immelt-Down: Harsh Light on in-the-Dark CEO’s Failure
      In March of 2017, Jeff Immelt was in his 16th year as CEO of General Electric and at least in his head he was remaking the iconic conglomerate into the very model of the modern industrial company. He was expanding the old GEs historic footprint in power and aviation while embracing a new world of clean energy and software analytics...
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    1. In contrast, Immelt's commentary about GE's markets in his final shareholder letters was descriptive, not active: He wrote.
      In What You Need To Know About GE's New CEO
    2. The GE story, because it is such a massive pile of the corporate credit market and the IG market, how that plays out is kind of critical to the IG market.
      In Fixing GE's Massive Debt Pile is 'Critical' to Corporate America, Analyst Says
    3. Like other GE shareholders, I am disappointed by the recent performance of GE's stock. But I continue to believe that GE represents an attractive long-term investment opportunity with significant upside.
      In BREAKING NEWS: GE Names Trian Co-Founder Ed Garden to Board