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    1. The world is transitioning away from fossil fuels -- particularly expensive imported thermal coal and gas -- into low-cost, zero-pollution domestic renewables such as wind and solar, This is where the smart money is, but GE failed to pick the trend.
      In GE lost billions by 'misjudging' renewables: Report
    2. The GE story, because it is such a massive pile of the corporate credit market and the IG market, how that plays out is kind of critical to the IG market.
      In Fixing GE's Massive Debt Pile is 'Critical' to Corporate America, Analyst Says
    3. In fact, GE's $38 billion in accounting fraud amounts to over 40% of GE's market capitalization, making it far more serious than either the Enron or WorldCom accounting frauds.
      In Boston-Based General Electric Suffers Worst Stock Drop In 11 Years