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    1. The latest ruling is a step forward for Fujifilm to make the deal happen.
      In Fujifilm Wins Appeal in Legal Battle with Xerox Over Aborted $6.1B Deal
    2. This transaction...offers substantial upside for shareholders of the combined companies, including current shareholders of Xerox and Fujifilm Holdings, who will own shares in a more competitive company that has enhanced opportunities for long-term growth and margin expansion.
      In Fujifilm Takes Over Xerox with a $6.1 Billion Deal, Forms a Joint Venture
    3. The motions by plaintiffs in .. Deason v. Fujifilm for injunctive relief are granted to the extent of enjoining defendants from taking any further action to consummate the change of control transaction between Xerox and Fuji.. pending a final determination of the claims asserted in the underlying action...
      In Judge Blocks Fuji-Xerox Deal Temporarily, Allows Director Battle To Proceed