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    2. How a Fortune 500 Director Governs Her Own Career—With Help From Diane von Furstenberg

      How a Fortune 500 Director Governs Her Own Career—With Help From Diane von Furstenberg
      Dambisa Moyo wrote the book How Boards Work to explain what corporate board members do. She turns to her own personal board of directors for advice on how to do it better. The Zambian-born economist currently serves as a director for three companies: manufacturer 3M Co., energy giant Chevron Corp. and publisher Cond Nast. That assignment, she said, is different than it was just a decade ago. Board members not ...
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    1. Having a highly respected Transformation leader and experienced individual like Suja, who comes from Fortune 500 Company background should help 8K Miles to accelerate its positioning with First transformation strategy for highly regulated industries.
      In 8K Miles appoints Sujatha Chandrasekaran to its board of Directors
    2. Kim has a world class track record as a Fortune 500 Company seasoned executive.
      In Kimberly Nelson Appointed to Calyxt Board of Directors
    3. Dave is a visionary, pragmatic and accomplished businessman, with both successful start-up experience and top management responsibilities at Texas Instruments, a Fortune 500 Company, We are confident his experience, enthusiasm and contributions to our Board will be invaluable to our future growth.
      In Former Texas Instruments Executive David Heacock Joins The Detection Group Board of Directors