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    2. Board Composition and Shareholder Proposals

      Board Composition and Shareholder Proposals
      Institutional investors and proxy advisory firms have paid increasing attention to the number of corporate boards on which directors serve. During the 2019 proxy season, 5.8% of directors received support levels below 80%, the highest rate in nine years, which can largely be attributed to investors changes to, and enforcement of, their overboarding policies...
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    1. Superior free cash flow generation has been a hallmark of Danaher for more than 20 years. For nearly as long, you have trusted us to reinvest that cash… to fortify our competitive positions and drive strong sales and earnings growth. We will never take that privilege for granted.
      In What You Need To Know About GE's New CEO
    2. Flow is truly an innovator in their ability to eliminate the sticking points typically associated with cross border commerce.
      In Flow Appoints Tom Ebling, Former CEO and Chairman of Demandware, to Board of Directors
    3. Bob is an experienced leader with a strong background in finance, strategic development and operational performance improvement. He brings broad experience and proven boardroom leadership to the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors for SPX FLOW.
      In Spx Flow Board of Directors Appoints Robert F. Hull, Jr. as Chairman