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    2. New Study Finds 5 Key Differences in How Male and Female Founders Raise Capital

      New Study Finds 5 Key Differences in How Male and Female Founders Raise Capital
      Women tend to bootstrap to avoid raising debt. Men tend to raise money however they can and bootstrap to make it go further. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Men and women run their businesses in very different ways. The differences in their styles of starting and growing their businesses show up right from the word "go," according toWomen Business Owners Access To Capital Literature Review, a new ...
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    1. Often when we engage with companies on the issue of board diversity we hear that the biggest challenge is a lack of suitable female candidates.
      In Investor State Street Uses Financial Clout to Get More Women to the Top
    2. On average, female board members in Norway have higher educational qualifications than their male colleagues.
      In Australia's Top Chairmen Came to Support Quotas, When Will We?
    3. Bill Bologna is a leader in female healthcare and we are thrilled to welcome him to Viramal as our Chairman. Bill has a successful track record of developing and commercializing novel therapies that improve the quality of women's health.
      In Viramal Appoints Women’s Healthcare Expert, William Bologna, as Chairman of the Board of Directors