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    2. A New Way of Seeing Value

      A New Way of Seeing Value
      Engine No. 1s Total Value Framework is a data-driven approach to investing that puts a tangible value on a companys environmental, social and governance impacts and ties those impacts to long-term value creation. Interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) has never been greater, and yet, ESG ratings systems conflict with one another and remain uncorrelated from financial returns. The inability to tie data to actual outcomes has supported shareholders ...
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    1. Companies like Chevron, Occidental and Exxon Mobil are all capable of doing this kind of deal, so the Permian and Eagle Ford assets will be an easy sale.
      In BHP Hires Barclays, Citi for U.S. Shale Gas Divestment
    2. If we divested tomorrow, we're not going to put Exxon Mobil out of business.
      In Climate Change Activists Either Prod Exxon Mobil or Sell It
    3. The Exxon Mobil campaign has caused a lot of conversation, and given a lot of credence to the idea that a combination of ESG and classic underperformance can be the basis for a successful activist campaign.
      In The Coming Proxy Season Will Be A Lively One