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    2. In Corporate Crackdown, U.S. SEC Takes Aim at Executive Pay

      In Corporate Crackdown, U.S. SEC Takes Aim at Executive Pay
      WASHINGTON, Oct 22 (Reuters) - The new Democratic leadership of the U.S. securities watchdog has a message for Corporate America's highly paid executives: if your company screws up, your pay is at risk. Clawing back compensation is shaping up to be a key part of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) agenda as it cracks down on corporate misconduct, raising the stakes for thousands of executives ...
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    3. Say on Pay: Approval Slides as CEO Pay Rises

      Say on Pay: Approval Slides as CEO Pay Rises
      Over the past year, COVID-19 has been the driving force behind shifting trends in corporate governance. With large unemployment rates at the beginning of the pandemic (13.8% in May 2020), a declining stock market and vast uncertainty, it has been a historical time to track whether the worlds most powerful executives would feel similar effects to the rest of the population...
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    4. Nikola: Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal

      Nikola: Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Proposal
      BERKELEY, California (Reuters) - Shareholders of Nikola Corp have voted against a proposal to approve compensation paid to its "named executive officers," including $159.2 million to founder and former executive chairman Trevor R. Milton, the electric truck maker said on Tuesday. The decision, although non-binding, illustrates shareholders' discontent about Nikola, once a high-flying company whose shares tanked over 80% from its peak partly due to ongoing probes by regulators and ...
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    1. This is the moment to reassess the executive pay structure.
      In Glaxo to Pay First Woman CEO Less, Citing a Lack of Experience
    2. It is not a coincidence that the Dow Jones industrial average (DJIA), which stood at 5,000 in 1996, is now well above 13,000, Myths and Realities of Executive Pay, which was released in 2007.
      In What a Nobel Prize-Winning Economist has to say about CEO Bonuses
    3. Theories of executive pay must take into account the specific features of executives' jobs.
      In The Depressing Reason Why Executives Receive Such Massive salaries