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    2. Morgan Stanley Investors Back Bank Directors, Executive Pay Packages

      Morgan Stanley Investors Back Bank Directors, Executive Pay Packages
      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Morgan Stanley shareholders voted overwhelmingly to elect all bank directors and approve the bank's executive compensation packages, according to a preliminary tally of the shares cast at the firm's annual meeting on Thursday. Roughly 97% of shares were cast in support of the directors and 96% of shares were cast in support of the executive compensation plan. Morgan Stanley's Chief Executive James Gorman's ...
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    3. Question of The Week

      Question of The Week
      Glass Lewis just announced it is opposing Liberty Global's $123M pay package for CEO Mike Fries -- noting that it is 4X the average compensation received by other executive officers. However, despite Glass Lewis' comment that such pay inequity may be an indicator of "serious long-term" problems with company's board-level management and oversight, the proxy advisory firm is only voting against one director for compensation policy concerns. Shouldn't ...
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    1. There is apparently no end yet in sight for the rise and rise of chief executive pay packages.
      In UK's Top Bosses Received 10% Pay Rise in 2015 as Average Salary Hit £5.5m
    2. I cannot speak for the other signatories as to how they will vote, but for Achmea management, yes, we will vote against (executive pay packages) if there's no link made
      In Investors: Tie Pharma CEO Pay to Fair Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access