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    2. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins could get $55.6 million if ousted after sale

      BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins could get $55.6 million if ousted after sale
      BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins could get up to $55.6 million if the embattled company is sold and he is fired, according to securities filings. The Waterloo-based company declined to comment on the figure, saying only that the information is publicly available in documents filed with Canadian securities officials . Under the change of control provisions in his contract, Heins would ...
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    3. Protesters target BP annual meeting

      Protesters target BP annual meeting
      Anger at executive pay deals in wake of Deepwater Horizon disaster Protest includes Gulf coast fishermen and climate change activists Follow Andrew Clark ( @clarkaw ) on Twitter for the latest action from BP's AGM BP executives faced angry protesters as shareholders prepared to vote at its annual meeting in London, which was taking place a few days before the first anniversary of the ...
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    4. Britain's highest paid boss Bart Becht keeps a low profile

      Britain's highest paid boss Bart Becht keeps a low profile
      Chief executive of Reckitt Benckiser was used to scrutiny of his earnings even before taking home more than 90m last year Bart Becht is no stranger to seeing his pay scrutinised. The boss of Reckitt Benckiser was already Britain's best-paid chief executive before he rewrote the records by taking home more than 90m of cash and shares last year , having picked up 38m in 2008. Becht's earnings ...
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    5. BT investors vent anger at bonus

      BT investors vent anger at bonus
      Payout opposed by 11% of group's shareholders Credit rating agency Experian also hit by revolt BT yesterday faced a shareholder revolt over a six-figure bonus paid to chief executive Ian Livingston last year despite a collapse in profits and a large cut in the annual dividend. More than 11% of the telecom company's investors voted against the 343,000 awarded to Livingston for improvements in ...
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    6. New RBS executives lured by multimillion-pound share awards

      New RBS executives lured by multimillion-pound share awards
      Pay schemes for Fred Goodwin's successor at Royal Bank of Scotland cause controversy among shareholders The Royal Bank of Scotland is facing controversy over multimillion-pound share awards to its new management team, not just the 16.9m pension pot for former chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin. The Association of British Insurers, whose members control a fifth of the stockmarket, has issued an ...
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    1. We heard the shareholders loud and clear. We understood what they had to say.
      In Barrick announces new pay scheme, may add two more new directors
    2. There is no federal law, rule, or regulation that says companies must not or are prohibited from announcing or discussing long-term incentive compensation prior to their annual shareholder meetings.
      In Wheels Fly Off GM's CEO Pay Story
    3. Denise Warren brings an enormous amount of digital media experience to EA's board of directors.
      In Santander Uk Ceo Joins Coke Board
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    1. Because the reality is any board, whether it is a purely local Japanese company or whether it is an international, global company, whatever corporation you run, the executive compensation and CEO compensation is an extremely important issue.
      In Soul-Searching is in Order for Nissan's Board After Ghosn Allegations, Governance Experts Say
    2. The Compensation Committee will conduct a thorough review of the current executive compensation plan and consider implementing changes that further drive alignment between incentives and shareholder value.
      In BREAKING NEWS: McKesson Shareholders Vote Against Exec Pay Structure
    3. The 2016 BDO Board Survey reveals frustration among boards with the growing number of disclosures in financial statements today, though they clearly see use for non-GAAP metrics - especially with regard to executive compensation calculations.
      In Public Company Directors Want to Reign in “Overboarding”, Split on Improvements to Non-GAAP ...