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    2. Coke, Disney Shareholders Anchoring a Renewed Movement Against Excessive CEO Pay

      Coke, Disney Shareholders Anchoring a Renewed Movement Against Excessive CEO Pay
      It's hardly a new complaint. Indeed, the headlines raging against shockingly big paychecks collected by United States CEOs have been regularly recirculated for years. This time, though, against a backdrop of consumers' concern over online privacy and frustration over lingering inequality, efforts from Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) and Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) shareholders have finally struck a receptive nerve that will incite actual change in how corporate chiefs are compensated ...
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    1. We heard the shareholders loud and clear. We understood what they had to say.
      In Barrick announces new pay scheme, may add two more new directors
    2. There is no federal law, rule, or regulation that says companies must not or are prohibited from announcing or discussing long-term incentive compensation prior to their annual shareholder meetings.
      In Wheels Fly Off GM's CEO Pay Story
    3. Denise Warren brings an enormous amount of digital media experience to EA's board of directors.
      In Santander Uk Ceo Joins Coke Board
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    1. Because the reality is any board, whether it is a purely local Japanese company or whether it is an international, global company, whatever corporation you run, the executive compensation and CEO compensation is an extremely important issue.
      In Soul-Searching is in Order for Nissan's Board After Ghosn Allegations, Governance Experts Say
    2. The Compensation Committee will conduct a thorough review of the current executive compensation plan and consider implementing changes that further drive alignment between incentives and shareholder value.
      In BREAKING NEWS: McKesson Shareholders Vote Against Exec Pay Structure
    3. The 2016 BDO Board Survey reveals frustration among boards with the growing number of disclosures in financial statements today, though they clearly see use for non-GAAP metrics - especially with regard to executive compensation calculations.
      In Public Company Directors Want to Reign in “Overboarding”, Split on Improvements to Non-GAAP ...