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    2. Linking Executive Compensation to ESG Performance

      Linking Executive Compensation to ESG Performance
      As companies address two fundamental and related shiftsthe intensified focus on environmental,social governance (ESG) issues driven by investors, employees, consumers, business partners, ESG rating agencies, and regulators,[1]and the shift to a multistakeholder form of capitalism[2]corporate boards are not only incorporating nonfinancial matters into discussions of company strategy and business plans, but also increasingly considering ESG performance measures in incentive plans...
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    3. SEC Issues Final Clawback Rules

      SEC Issues Final Clawback Rules
      On October 25, 2022, the SEC approved final rules for Section 954 of the Dodd-Frank Act covering compensation recovery and disclosure. The new rules require the national stock exchanges to implement new listing standards that require issuers listed on the exchanges to implement and disclose their clawback policies. These rules are a long time in the making...
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    4. Corporate Tax Breaks and Executive Compensation

      Corporate Tax Breaks and Executive Compensation
      Over the past 40 years, the value of compensation packages awarded to corporate executives in the US has risen dramatically. At the same time, a less well-known trend has shaped the US economy: in the presence of increased pretax corporate profits, effective corporate income tax rates have decreased significantly...
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    5. Oracle’s Ellison’s Compensation Topped $130 Million Last Fiscal Year

      Oracle’s Ellison’s Compensation Topped $130 Million Last Fiscal Year
      Oracle Corp.s top executives are again among the highest-paid at big U.S. companies, thanks to a decision last year to give them more time to earn stock options. Oracle Corp.s Chairman Larry Ellison and Chief Executive Safra Catz were each paid total compensation of more than $138 million in the companys fiscal year ended May 31, the company said in its annual proxy statement Friday...
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    6. 5 Ways to Negotiate a Solid Executive Compensation Package in a Recession

      5 Ways to Negotiate a Solid Executive Compensation Package in a Recession
      In 2021, venture capital funding flowed freely into the tech world, bolstering big funding rounds and even bigger salaries at SaaS companies.But now its 2022, and that cash flow has slowed dramatically. Major layoffs have replaced funding announcements, and were staring down a possible recession. With outright cash and sky high salaries off the board, negotiating a strong compensation package can seem daunting...
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    7. Executives, And Their Compensation, Are The New Enforcement Targets

      Executives, And Their Compensation, Are The New Enforcement Targets
      As if guiding a company through the maelstrom of inflation, recession, workforce participation and quiet quitting wasnt enough of a challenge. Corporate executives now find themselves and their compensation arrangements at the center of aggressive enforcement initiatives from key government regulators.And their boards of directors are being dragged into the mix, with little hope of avoiding collateral damage to relationships with their CEO, and to the companys business planning...
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    1. We heard the shareholders loud and clear. We understood what they had to say.
      In Barrick announces new pay scheme, may add two more new directors
    2. There is no federal law, rule, or regulation that says companies must not or are prohibited from announcing or discussing long-term incentive compensation prior to their annual shareholder meetings.
      In Wheels Fly Off GM's CEO Pay Story
    3. Denise Warren brings an enormous amount of digital media experience to EA's board of directors.
      In Santander Uk Ceo Joins Coke Board
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    1. Because the reality is any board, whether it is a purely local Japanese company or whether it is an international, global company, whatever corporation you run, the executive compensation and CEO compensation is an extremely important issue.
      In Soul-Searching is in Order for Nissan's Board After Ghosn Allegations, Governance Experts Say
    2. The Compensation Committee will conduct a thorough review of the current executive compensation plan and consider implementing changes that further drive alignment between incentives and shareholder value.
      In BREAKING NEWS: McKesson Shareholders Vote Against Exec Pay Structure
    3. The 2016 BDO Board Survey reveals frustration among boards with the growing number of disclosures in financial statements today, though they clearly see use for non-GAAP metrics - especially with regard to executive compensation calculations.
      In Public Company Directors Want to Reign in “Overboarding”, Split on Improvements to Non-GAAP ...