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    2. Elliott Wants BHP Unification Review this Month

      Elliott Wants BHP Unification Review this Month
      Activist shareholder Elliott Advisors is calling on BHP Billiton PLC (BLT.LN) management to undertake a full, independent and transparent review of unification at the dual-listed mining firm by Feb. 20, when it reports first-half earnings. In a letter on Monday to BHP Chairman Ken MacKenzie, Elliott said that unification will deliver more than $22 billion in value to shareholders and cost only $391 million...
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    1. We do not believe the positions set forth in Elliott Management's letter are representative of the positions of all of our shareholders.
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    2. We agree with Elliott Management that there is upside to our valuation, which we are addressing with the value-creating actions we announced last month, but we disagree with their letter and presentation.
      In Elliott Unveils Marathon Petroleum Stake, Urges Breakup