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    2. Activist Elliott Has Doubts About Thyssenkrupp Split

      Activist Elliott Has Doubts About Thyssenkrupp Split
      FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Activist fund Elliott raised doubts about Thyssenkrupp's plan to split in two in a letter to the conglomerate's chief executive last month, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. The remarks add to scepticism expressed by other shareholders about the German group's plan - announced in September - to spin off its capital goods businesses. Shares in the group have fallen by 32 percent since...
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    1. We do not believe the positions set forth in Elliott Management's letter are representative of the positions of all of our shareholders.
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    2. We agree with Elliott Management that there is upside to our valuation, which we are addressing with the value-creating actions we announced last month, but we disagree with their letter and presentation.
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