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    1. I was worried that we had very few women in a high-potential program; when I reviewed the list of criteria to enter the program, it appeared to be extremely gendered.
      In MBA Women In Business Clubs Are Bringing Women Into The Boardroom
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    1. We are excited to add depth and diversity of experience to our board with the addition of Latha and John. Beyond her finance background, Latha's experience with entrepreneurship and generational changes bolsters our board's insight into an important part of our client base.
      In Insperity Appoints Two New Independent Directors to Board
    2. We have chosen our board members to reflect diversity in both gender and industry. Sonali represents both the finance as well as the education industry and will bring a unique and insightful perspective to our discussions.
      In PowerFluence Announces New Board Member Sonali Hazarika
    3. We know that diversity is good for business. We also know that change is hard, especially inside our nation's boardrooms.
      In Companies Adopt Rooney Rule, Add Women and Minorities to Boards as Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative Gains Momentum