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    1. John is an important addition to our Board of Directors. His deep expertise in discovery biology and product development will support NextCure as we work diligently to advance our ongoing NC318 and NC410 clinical trials, as well as our preclinical programs.
      In NextCure Inc. Adds John G. Houston, Ph.D., to Board
    2. The bulk of Mr. Zaslav's compensation is tied to Discovery's stock performance, in the form of performance-based restricted stock units and cash- and stock-settled stock appreciation rights. A significant amount of the equity awards are made in the first year, vesting over time, with smaller awards from 2015 to 2018.
      In Discovery CEO David Zaslav's Pay Soars to $156 Million in 2014
    3. RainDance is helping researchers around the world unlock critical new insights and data from genetics. In doing so, it is playing a key role in opening up a world of discovery for researchers and advancing the understanding of disease development. I look forward to working with the board and leadership team.
      In RainDance Technologies Appoints Martin M. Coyne II and Glenn P. Muir to Board of Directors