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    2. Board Pay Under the Microscope

      Board Pay Under the Microscope
      Director pay programs are under greater scrutiny, and SP 500 companies are striving to anticipate and adapt to this significant change. Compensation limits are at the forefront of this keen interest, with advisory firms Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis, and shareholders, becoming more vocal and taking direct action. This activism is framed by trends that include avid internal and external interest in board diversity and a shift in board ...
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    3. Corporations Grow Nervous as Compensation for Directors Rises

      Corporations Grow Nervous as Compensation for Directors Rises
      Its nice work if you can get it. The average annual compensation for non-executive directors at SP 500 companies rose 2 percent to $304,856 last year, topping $300,000 for the first time and 43 percent higher than it was 10 years ago, according to a new report released by executive headhunters Spencer Stuart. But thanks largely to stock grants some earned a lot more than that...
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    4. Board Pay Reaches a Quarter Million Dollars

      Board Pay Reaches a Quarter Million Dollars
      For the fifth consecutive year, the median annual retainer given to directors increased, topping out at $250,000 in 2017, according to the new Equilar Director Pay Trends report, which features independent commentary from Meridian Compensation Partners. From 2013 to 2017the five years included in the studymedian annual retainers increased by $35,000, or 16.3%....
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    1. The board believes these new arrangements are fair to all parties, and are designed to provide long-term alignment with the interests of our shareholders. As with the revised Executive Bonus Plan, the NonEmployee Director Compensation Policy is designed to more closely align the board's compensation with actual shareholder returns.
      In PICO Holdings, Inc. Announces Revised Compensation Arrangements