1. Destination Maternity

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    1. I am excited to join the Board of Directors and begin working with management and the team at Destination Maternity. I am looking forward to contributing to the Company's growth and success.
      In Greg Kleffner Joins Destination Maternity's Board of Directors
    2. I'm excited to join Destination Maternity's impressive and highly specialized Board. I've always admired Destination Maternity's brand portfolio and look forward to being a part of Destination Maternity's ongoing transformation.
      In Destination Maternity Appoints Andrea J. Funk to Board of Directors
    3. As a long-term investor in Destination Maternity, we look forward to bringing additional shareholder perspective to the Board and continuing to work constructively with the Company to help enhance its value.
      In Destination Maternity Appoints J. Daniel Plants to Board of Directors