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    2. Corporate Culture Matters. Here’s What Boards Need To Do

      Corporate Culture Matters. Here’s What Boards Need To Do
      Over the past several years, the values and cultures of business organizations have become increasingly important to employees and customers . A renewed sense of values that respect individuals and create a unique work atmosphere, has led to employees weighing factors that are far more qualitative than salaries and benefits...
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    1. The board should communicate the importance of managing cyber risk to the whole company in order to strengthen culture and integrate protocols into other business functions, e.g. sales, marketing, finance, business continuity
      In Cyber Security And The Danger Of Ostriches In The Boardroom
    2. For 215 years, a strong, values-based, people-centered culture; a laser focus on our customers; innovation; and a noble mission have been the foundation at Wiley.
      In Wiley Appoints Brian O'Harold Hemphill, Ph.D., to Board of Directors
    3. Great people make great organizations, and First Command's talented people and strong culture make a profound impact on those they serve.
      In First Command Recruits Retired Army General for Company Leadership